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All flowers are lovingly grown right here at our facility in Cortez using only all natural soils and nutrients in an indoor controlled environment. We never use any chemicals or additives, giving you the best that nature has to offer.

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1g $8.00 $10.00
3.5g $25.00 $30.00
7g $50.00 $60.00
14g $100.00 $115.00
28g $180.00 $200.00

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Amhurst Sour Diesel

Type : Hybrid                         Smell/Taste: Diesel, Sour, Earthy
Medical: Stress, Depression, Pain
Overall: With dreamy cerebral effects and a very euphoric, elated feeling, Amhurst Sour Diesel quickly delivers an energetic high. A sworn favorite for medical users that are battling depression.

Blue Dream

Type: Sativa                          Smell/Taste: Sweet, Blueberry
Medical: Stress, Pain, Depression
Overall: With a sweet, berry aroma reminiscent of its Blueberry parent, Blue Dream delivers swift symptom relief without the heavy sedation. This makes Blue Dream a popular strain for patients treating pain, depression, nausea and other ailments requiring a THC fix.

Bruce Banner

Type:   Sativa                           Smell/Taste: Sweet, Diesel, Pungent
Overall: This green monster has hidden strength and features dense nugs that pack the power of very high THC content. It’s a powerful strain whose effects come on quickly and strong and then tend to settle into a euphoric and creative buzz. The sativa effects of this strain are most evident and linger mostly in the head, but it does also provide body relaxation and pain relief that make it an appropriate daytime medication for some.


Type: Hybrid                                                  Smell/Taste: Cheese, Pungent, Earthy
Medical: Stress, Lack of Appetite, Pain
Overall: Named for its sharply sour aroma, Cheese is an indica dominant hybrid. With origins that stretch back to the late 1980’s, Cheese is said to descend from a skunk #1 phenotype whose pungent aroma made it stand out. This hybrid has become well known for its relaxed, happy effects that gently ease you into a blissful state of mind.

Grape OG

Type: Hybrid                         Smell/Taste:Sweet, Lemon, Fuel
Overall: 60% Sativa, 40% Indica. Crossed with Grape Romulan and Tahoe. Hits the body with near equal force. Delivers utter and total satisfaction on every level. It’s a clean smooth inhale and very relaxed but not necessarily sleepy high.

La Chocolata

Type: Indica                                      Smell/Taste: earthy, chocolate, sweet
Medical: Appetite, Pain, Anxiety
Overall: How can you go wrong with combining two multi-award winning strains that cover both the Indica and Sativa sides of the spectrum? LA Chocolata brings together the best of both worlds, the powerful stone and medicinal properties of the LA Confidential with the vigor and fat yields of the Chocolope.

Laffy Taffy

Type:   Hybrid                                    Smell/Taste: Subtle, sweet, sugary
Medical: Depression, Arthritis, Pain relief
Overall: This 70% /30% Sativa dominant stain originates from one the most popular stains of the year, known as Blue Dream. Its genetics also contain one of the most popular strains of all time, infamously known as OG Kush. Combine these two potent cannabis strains and you get a smooth smoke that tastes very much like it smells, sweet and sugary with undertones of skunk and haze. A pleasant head buzz is felt almost instantly, followed by an intense case of the munchies. When consuming or smoking this cannabis strain in larger amounts, patients can expect the effects to be much more powerful and sedative, making it a great strain for late-night medicating sessions. It is currently being used to naturally battle insomnia and sleep apnea in patients.

Lemon Skunk

Type: Indica                          Smell/Taste: Lemon, Skunk, Citrus
Medical: Stress, Depression, Pain
Overall: The Lemon Skunk comes from two different Skunk phenotypes that displayed exceptionally zesty and citrusy traits. This strain is excellent for curing your blues as it has an amazing euphoric effect. Lemon Skunk has an overall energetic buzz that will be sure to help you get through a stressful day.

Lost Coast OG

Type: Hybrid                           Smell/Taste: Sour, Citrus, Earthy
Medical: Pain, Loss of Appetite
Overall: Lost Coast OG is a 60/40 indica-dominant that marries Chemdawg 4 genetics with those of two age-old heirloom strains, Pakistani Kush and Lemon Thai. Flavors of sour citrus and earthy musk burst through on the exhale in show of its signature OG terpene profile.

Mob Boss

Type:   Hybrid                           Smell/Taste: sweet floral aroma, citrus and herbs
Medical:   Depression, Lack of appetite, Stress, Anxiety, Pain
Overall:   A sativa-dominant hybrid bred from Chemdawg D and Tang Tang. Mob Boss’ intensity hides behind a light, more clear-headed buzz. Used for potent relief of muscle tension, mood elevation, and appetite stimulation.


Type: Indica                                      Smell/Taste: Citrus Orange, Pine
Medical: Stress, Pain, Anxiety
Overall: Orange Juice mixes two of their staple strains with a cross of California Orange and OG Kush. OJ erupts with a blast of orange and lemon notes that combine with diesel undertones to create an inviting aroma and a mouthful of sweet earthy citrus. The effects are relatively balanced, producing a relaxed body with a happy and uplifted head buzz.

Sweet God Bud

Type: Indica                                   Smell/taste: Citrus, sweet, piney
Medical: Pain, Insomnia, Stress
Overall: It’s a cross mix of the BC God Bud and BC Sweet Tooth. Named for both her parents, BC Sweet God mixes the taste undertones of God Bud – a citrus edge, plus some pine muskiness – with Sweet Tooth’s unique taste of honey. The effects leave tokers exclaiming “Sweet God!” as the day’s troubles melt away and the strain’s high creeps into the limbs, bringing a calm and pleasant if slightly lethargic sense of relaxation. Also great for a nightcap and pain relief such as arthritis.






Pre-Rolled .5 Gram Joint – $4 (includes tax)

Available in Indica or Sativa, hand-rolled in 100% organic rice paper and filter.


Pre-Rolled Jeffery 1 Gram Joint – $10 (includes tax)

1 Gram of hybrid flower topped with .5 gram of our Bubble Hash, hand-rolled in 100% organic rice paper and filter.

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