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The Herbal Alternative Marijuana Dispensary

The Best Dispensary in Cortez, Colorado near Durango and the Four Corners area with a fully on-site 100% organic grow facility.

Tour Our Marijuana Dispensary and Cultivation Facility

Enjoy this video tour of The Herbal Alternative’s marijuana dispensary and cultivation facility in Cortez, Colorado.  These beautiful plants are grown year round in 100% organic soil, producing the most clean, potent and aromatic buds of your favorite strains.  Using only all natural grow supplements, and never any chemical pesticides, we let nature work it’s miracle, then carefully hand trim and cure the flowers to the perfection you can find on our retail shelf.

Come see it for yourself, we offer free tours everyday! 

Giving Back to Our Community

What a wonderful feeling it is to be able to give back to the community, and to reassure any concerned citizens of Cortez that we are truly here to support kids, not hurt them. This month we were able to make a generous donation to the local elementary school, a donation that will no doubt make a difference in supporting teachers and improving student education locally.  And this is only our first step!  We are exciting about moving forward with a plan to partner with local businesses in order to donate a fully implemented student computer lab to Mesa Elementary as well. Below is a thank you letter from Mesa Elementary. But the real thanks goes out to all of our loyal customers, it is their support that has allowed us to do this. Stay tuned for more good news! Garrett Smith Owner Article in Cortez Journal Mesa Elementary would like to thank, owner Garrett Smith and general manager David Pozzi of The Herbal Alternative shop, for graciously supporting Mesa Elementary teachers in their endeavor to improve student discourse in the classroom. The Herbal Alternative donated monies to purchase all the books needed for our teachers to conduct a book study on classroom discussion in math. The book is significantly helping teachers foster vocabulary development for students while teaching kids to articulate their thinking in problem solving. The Herbal Alternative shop also generously donated, enough money to purchase 2 more chrome books for Mesa Elementary. Mesa Elementary staff and students truly appreciate the generosity of The Herbal Alternative shop supporting our students’ education. Roxanne Stevens  ...

Growing in Hawaii

Q:  I’m not able to grow in an in-closed environment and must grow outdoors in a residential area in Hawaii. Everything goes after my plants. What is an effective spray for my plants to eliminate and or repel most or all insects that I can use daily and still have safe smoke? I used to use dish soap but the ingredients have changed and the soap burns the plant now at any effective level like one drop of soap per gallon of water.   A:  Aloha friend and fellow grower! You may not want to spray every day since you are in such a humid environment already, unless you have a system for keeping the morning dew off your plants or after rains when the buds are starting to harden, you don’t want bud rot or other fungus problems. You never want beads of water sitting on your plant can act as a magnifying glass burning holes in the leaf under direct sunlight.  A leaf blower is real handy for getting all the water off easily and quickly each morning or after rains.   I have bugs all over the place, in my soil and on my plants.  Its a actually a good sign of biodiversity in an ecosystem, true bio organics at work.  Just don’t allow one bug to proliferate and take over, when a pest or any thing over populates it brings disease to the plant and soil.  You just want to keep pest population balanced through spraying or introducing a predator to the ecosystem that will attack them naturally and restores balance.  Lady bugs and predatory...

Keeping Up With Demand

The Herbal Alternative owner, Garrett Smith, talks about how much the business is growing and the challenges of keeping up with demand in a new industry, on 4 Corners TV. View the video.  ...

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