Tour our facility

Tour our facility

Enjoy this video tour of The Herbal Alternative’s marijuana cultivation facility.  These beautiful plants are grown year round in 100% organic soil, producing the most clean, potent and aromatic buds of your favorite strains.  Using only all natural grow supplements, and never any chemical pesticides, we let nature work it’s miracle, then carefully hand trim and cure the flowers to the perfection you can find on our retail shelf.

Come see it for yourself, we offer free tours everyday! 

The Herbal Alternative, 1531 Lebanon Road, Cortez, CO.


  1. Is there anything that will work on a very anxious dog to calm him down?

    • Edibles work on dogs and have shown to help them relax and sleep. You will need to be very careful though on how much you dose, depending on the dog’s weight. Start with the no more than 10 mm of an Indica strain edible, and wait 8 hours before administering any more. Our staff would be happy to assist you!


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