Day: June 18, 2016

Recent Ask The Grower Q&A

Where to Begin?

Q:  Made my first trip from AZ to your store last week! completely satisfied with the quality!

I’ve been thinking of starting my own little garden but have no real experience growing marijuana plants. Not sure where to begin. Could you suggest just a basic set up?

Do you use filtered water for your plants?




A:   Thanks for the visit!  For beginners I suggest getting two books that will make life easy.  The first is George Cervantes Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible and the Second is True Living Organics by The Rev.   As far as equipment I suggest a 400 watt metal halide, if you can afford it I’d go with a digital ballast, but  magnetic ballasts are fine too.  Make sure you find good solid genetics to grow, its a very important factor in having success.  Yes you will need to get at least a basic carbon filter, for simple and cheap you can get a RV carbon filter at a hardware store that will screw right on to a garden hose, or you can upgrade and find KDF 85 filters that not only remove chlorine but remove fluorides and chlorimides as well from city water which can be detrimental to organic grows.  You can even get reverse osmosis filters which are a bit more expensive and you are using a lot of water in the filtering process, but its pure water.  I suggest using high quality organic soil and nutrients such as the Fox Farm Happy Frog Line.  The other thing if you can afford it I suggest buying a grow tent which keeps any messes and humidity contained inside the tent and won’t ruin anything in your house.  The other extras you may need is a small fan and ducting to help cool the light and one oscillating fan to keep air circulating across the plants.    The books I suggested above go into great detail about everything i just talked about and can help you make very informed decisions on how you want to set up your grow for your own wants and needs.  The biggest thing is don’t let any set backs stop you from learning and continuing moving forward the best medicine is growing your own.  Good luck on your grow journey and feel free to ask questions and share pictures of your progress.