Our Facility

We invite you on a tour of The Herbal Alternative

Pre-COVID, we would offer in-shop tours where you can see how the products you love so much are taken care of during the growing and harvesting process.

As of right now, we are not having in-person tours of our shop but good news! We have a great video tour where you can see how we operate at The Herbal Alternative. We will keep you posted on when we will be having in-person tours. Stay tuned.

We want to show you how we operate here on top of the hill and what makes our shop the best choice when thinking about marijiuana products”

April 20, 2020|Garrett Smith

Located high on the hill in Cortez, CO, The Herbal Alternative has one of the largest grow operation in the city and hold the best view out of any shop for miles. Come up and take a look for yourself.

After watching this video, you will know more about how your product is made and handle. Let us know if you have any questions.